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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Birth Announcement Card

Aaz will be one month old next week!  How time flies amidst sleepless nights, breast pumping, dengue, blocked duct, fever & etc.  One hell of a month I would say!  

Order for 'Fullmoon cakes' have been placed for family & friends.  Reduced the quantity by half this time round as I lack the energy to deliver them all.  Still, a whopping 54 boxes.

Been busy designing the 'Birth Announcement Card' to go along with the cakes.  Isn't it cute?  :)  Already sent for printing.

By the way, I am getting pretty good in this multi-tasking business; while pumping, I can blog (that explains a sudden surge in my post), does banking, design cards, eat, catch up on world news and etc.  I need to save the in-between time for nap.  Pretty good at time management too huh?  Hahahahaha...


mun said...

Congrats! Congrats! To You for acing it for almost a month already. Nice card design. One more day to go and it is Happy Full Moon to Aaz! What a special nickname - The first and last alphabets.

Redbabe said...

Thank you Mun! :)