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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aaz is 5.5 months old as of today.  He had a bad fall over the weekend and my heart break into million pieces.  I should've stayed home. :(. I should have declined the wedding invite. :( but I did not and my baby had a huge bruise on his right forehead.

We have been observing him since then.  Ensuring there is no vomiting/fever/flu and that he drinks well and responding alright.

However, no one seem it is important enough to inform me when an odd size bump developed at the right side of his head today (less than 48 hours after the fall).   And the size of the bump increases from morning to afternoon.

With one person, there is only ownership of responsibility.  With two, there will always be dispute in scope of work.  I am depressed.  Seems like with all our provisions & solutions & hard work & sacrifices, things are still not working out well.

Dear Lord, please help me. :(.

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mun said...

May the Lord protect Aaz, keep him safe and answer your prayers.